Staying Out of the Grocery Store

Grocery store

I have a whopping goal for February: to buy no groceries except milk, eggs, yeast (because we are completely out) and the occasional cheese. We gave up the grocery store for Lent last year, and it seems that February is as good a time as any to start being diligent about eating out of the freezer.

This was my goal for January - but sales on fresh fruit, baby carrots, and spinach did me in. And then we ran out of pasta. And then we ran out of flour. And then I didn't have Worcestershire sauce. Or Soy Sauce. And then I saw rotisserie chickens at Costco - while I was there to pick up cheese. I guess there are worse things to splurge on ... but I'm REALLY trying to stick to our commitment to eat locally and seasonally. I promise the berries I bought were not local. Nor was the spinach. So January was a fail. We'll try again this month.

This should be easy for me. Our freezers are STOCKED with food. And we still have a bi-weekly Winter CSA pickup that includes some storage crops, dairy, and meat. It's not that we really NEED groceries. It's just that I get an idea in my head to make something for dinner, and then I don't have an ingredient, so I end up at the grocery store - where things are on sale - and I end up buying food that we don't really need (but we'll eat) and spending money that I could spend on something else later down the road. Anyone else have this problem?

So I'm going to rely on you my dear readers, to keep me accountable. Is anyone really out there reading this anyway?? I figure I'll check in at the end of every week and share what we've eaten and how we're being creative with what we have. It'll be a delayed CSA Adventures so to speak ... you'll see how we're using our CSA goods after they've been stored, instead of fresh off the garden. It'll be fun, right?? Heck, maybe we'll even create a few new recipes!

So who's ready for some freezer-inspired fun?



Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.