The Rainy Day List

Rainy Day List

We've seen A LOT of rain this Spring - more than a usual New England Spring, so I'm told - and I am SO over the wet and rainy weather. But in the spirit of celebrating the seasons as they are, I decided I had to find a way to embrace the cold and wet days. So last week, I came up with the idea of The Rainy Day List. I figured if we have a list of projects that we neglect when the weather is nice and we spend the day outside, we can embrace rainy days as a good way to get some of those things done. 

This morning, when we awoke to yet another cold and rainy day, my sweet A said, Mommy, can we make our rainy day list now? Excellent idea, kid. Excellent idea.

So we each got to choose something to add to the list. E chose to play in the basement with A. A chose to make cookies and to do bead art. I added laundry, make a curtain for the bathroom, paint the kids' table, and clean out the fridge. While we still have a lot of work to do in coming up with our true rainy day list that will include all the projects we can think of that need to be done - this was an excellent way to celebrate our cold and rainy start of summer vacation.

And if I'm really honest with myself, when I think of all the many things that can be done inside on a rainy day, I get kind of excited about the rain that is coming. I remember back to our last snow day, in April, when I was super depressed and 100% over New England weather. We decided to paint our bedroom - sure that it would be the last terrible weekend before a beautiful New England summer. And then we visited Georgia, where it was hot and sunny and oh-so-beautiful. And when we came back to New England in May, it was cold. And rainy. And I fell into a deep dark state of homesickness and longing for warm sunshine on my shoulders. And I forgot about the beauty that can come from tackling indoor projects while waiting for those beautiful New England summer days that you know are somewhere on the horizon.

So today we embark on our Rainy Day List. We're hanging it up, on the wall, so that whenever we are feeling depressed about the weather, we can stand in front of it and choose something to do that will bring us joy. Because we know beautiful weather is on it's way ... we just need to be a little more patient. 

What's on your rainy day list?