CSA Adventures: Springdell Edition

When we lived in Atlanta, we were part of a CSA at a small urban farm and we loved it. It challenged us to eat locally and seasonally and it transformed how we thought about food. We found ourselves stocking up extras and planning to make it the entire year without having to buy produce at the grocery store. I loved sharing our CSA Adventures here on Soul Munchies, and have missed that part of our life - so I am bringing it back to you with a new and improved series ... the Springdell Farm Edition!

We didn't have a CSA last summer, simply because there were so many farms around us and I couldn't choose one. As I explored the farms, I found myself going to one over and over again, so this year we jumped right in and are now proud summer, winter, and soon-to-be spring supporters of Springdell Farm in Littleton, Massachusetts. Beginning this week, we will get 95% of our produce, eggs, and meat for the entire year through their farm and local partners - and we can hardly wait to pick up our first share!

We chose Springdell because of it's variety and because of the size of the CSA. We like that they offer a Winter and a Spring CSA in addition to the common and popular Summer CSA. We love that the land they are on has been a farm since the 1700s, and has been in their family since the 1930s. I personally love that the main farmer is a young woman, not even 30, who grew up on the farm and now has made it her own. Her mom is the main meat farmer - and it makes my heart sing to support a farm run by a mother/daughter pair.

My own adventures in gardening here have taught me that farming is a real art here in New England, and I'm so thankful to have Springdell and its crew to feed my family ... since my crops are mostly feeding wildlife. We will pickup our Summer share on Thursdays, so I'll do meal planning and preparation over the weekend and check in here on Soul Munchies sometime on Sunday or Monday each week to show you what we picked up and how we are using it. I hope you'll come join the fun!