Welcome to Soul Munchies.

From motherhood to social justice, this site is my place to talk about whatever is on my mind. It’s a place to explore ideas, to share thoughts, and to build community.

My prayer is that as you explore the site, you find yourself fueled by recipes of real food, nourished by stories of faith, and sustained by experiences with family.


A Brief History

Welcome to Soul Munchies. I started the site some years ago as a safe place for to wrestle with questions of faith and daily life. Since then, I've been through a divorce, re-marriage, a couple of job transitions, several transitions between faith communities, the birth of two children, the purchase and sale of a house we loved dearly, and a huge move from Atlanta - the city we have called home for most of our lives to Boston - a new, very big, very unfamiliar one. These big events have all shaped me, and Soul Munchies, into what it is today - a place where I explore what it looks like to live simply and faithfully.

Although there are exceptions, you'll find that most posts fall into one of three categories: Faith, Family, or Food. These are my three passions, and are the things I devote most of time to. It is only fitting that they are what I write about.