Thursday Giveaway: Jason Boyett

It’s never too late for Thursday giveaways! This week’s giveaway is Jason Boyett’s O Me of Little Faith. Back in April, I wrote my top 5 reasons you should read this book. I’ve still got an extra copy and I’d love to share it with YOU!

Like last week, there’s a catch – to enter, you must comment below and also agree to read the book and share your wealth of thoughts with Soul Munchies readers through a guest post. Because I have already read this one, I promise to help facilitate comments with your guest post!

For more on Jason or the book, check out his blog.

Ready? Leave your comment below, telling us why you’d love to read this book. Comments will be closed at 11:00pm EST next Wednesday, November 10.

  • Anonymous

    I just love reason #1 to read this book! suelee1998 @

  • Cat

    I’d love to read this book because from the descriptions and your 5 reasons it sounds like the type of book that I NEED to read. I’d love to read it and share my thoughts here. I’m new here, but I think I’ll be sticking around. Thanks.

  • Cory

    I need a new read. Being in leadership I am always up for a challenge.

  • Superpaige

    I am always looking for new books to read. I would love to read it and write a review.

  • SamoX19

    I’d like to read this because I entered a contest for it a while back and didn’t win that one. XD

  • Erica M.

    I would love this book! Have wanted to read it for a while and would love a free copy!

  • Warren

    I would love this!! I have heard great things about this book (your top 5 reasons made it sound like a book I would love, esp. reasons #1 and #2). I assure you I’ll read it and provide a brilliant post in response :-)

  • amber

    I’ve not heard of this book but I’d love to read it!!