The Art of Giving

The Gift by Ashraf Saleh

I’ve always been a gift-giver. Just ask my husband. All year long I am on the lookout for the perfect gift for my family and friends. Something personal. Something that shows just how much I love and admire them. I carefully think about that person in particular. What would they most want? What would they use the most?

I think my love for gift-giving came from my mother. Each Christmas, we would spend hours making baskets of goodies for each member of the extended family. We never had much money, but we always made gift-giving a priority. To this day, I will sacrifice my own needs to provide the perfect gift for a wedding, a birthday, a new birth, or any other day of the year that seems like a good gift-giving day.

So why is it that I have such a hard time giving when it comes to building the kingdom of God?

Today, I’m over at, where I share a personal story of giving and how it changed my perspective on things. Come on over and join the conversation – you know you want to!

Crystal Rowe

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