Spiritual Tapas

Tapas Bar San Sebastian by sanfamedia.com
I don’t know about you, but I’ve hit the point in Lent where I’m starting to get tired. Tired of the doom and gloom, of sacrifice, of self-examination and of realizing how much sin I’m really living into. Tired of the Wisconsin winter and snow that corresponds with Lent in this part of the world. Tired of knowing there is an Easter but of it not being close enough to taste yet.

So I think it’s time for tapas, even in this time of fasting. Tapas are small, but they provide nourishment. They leave us feeling enriched, temporarily satiated and strengthened. These are a few places where I find strength for my soul.


  • Through my congregation and the relationships I’ve developed with the toddlers who run to hug me, the middle school students who challenge my faith and keep me accountable, the adults who remind me I’m not alone in the faith journey
  • Through practicing gratitude, striving to notice the small things that make me happy: the sound of typing and feel of keys beneath my fingertips, the taste of sweetened coffee creamer (one of my guilty indulgences), those goat videos that seem to be an internet phenomena right now


  • David Lose’s blog In the Meantime. This is one of the few blogs that I read daily without fail because it is Just. That. Good.
  • Coffee with Jesus. Makes me laugh, makes me think
  • The Speed of Soul. I’ve mentioned Carrie Newcomer and written about her songs before. I love her perspective as a Friend (Quaker) that talks about faith in language different from what I tend to use but that really gets to the point. At the end of the day, our faith is about loving God and neighbor as self, right?

As we continue to slog through Lent, I pray for your strength, and I encourage you to share your “soul tapas” in the comments.


  • Margaret Feinberg

    Love the idea of “spiritual tapas,” Rachel!