Social Media Prayers

Facebook Business by Sean MacEntee
In Chapter 9, Sine talks about the mixed blessings of social media, particularly within a context of faith. Many of my friends have given up social media as a Lenten discipline, choosing to spend that time in prayer or service. Most of us are aware of the time, and the easy distraction, that Facebook and Twitter can provide.

But as evidenced by the fact that you’re reading this blog, there are certainly ways to use social media in ways that are meaningful and spiritually enriching. I found Soul Munchies several years ago, and have found friendship, accountability, growth, and renewal through this community. I read devotions via email.

And I’ve also found that I can use Facebook and Twitter as way of ministry by

  • Posting statuses of gratitude
  • Asking for the chance to pray for others
  • Write/send scripture as tweets, as my friend Ariel does (and she would be thrilled if you use hers too)

How are you using social media within your faith life? How can a status update nudge you–or someone else–toward God?

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