September Meal Plan – Week 2

Eating out for dinner is rare in our house (although I have to admit we ended up going out to dinner last night!) I’ve been a meal planner for years now, and I use cooking dinner as a creative outlet. Most nights D takes the girls and I enjoy the kitchen alone. Other nights we make cooking a family affair. Regardless of whether it’s just me or it’s the whole crew, I typically enjoy cooking and eating dinner at home. We find it’s just easier with little ones.

It’s lunch that I struggle with. I am not a huge fan of leftovers, and it’s incredibly hard to put together lunch for a toddler as well as myself. So the challenge for me this month is really to eat at home for lunch – or pack a picnic when we go on outings.

Starting this week, I’m expanding my meal plan to include lunch ideas. Hopefully this will help me stay out of restaurants during the week!

Monday – Monday lunch is the hardest for me. We typically use Sunday dinner to clean out our fridge and eat the week’s leftovers, so it doesn’t leave much for Monday lunch. This week, I think we’ll try to do sandwich wraps and baby carrots with hummus.
Dinner: Mexican Lasagna (use ground beef or buy extra chicken)

Tuesday – Lunch: Leftover Mexican Lasagna, cheese quesadilla with grapes & carrots on the side for the littles
Dinner: BBQ Chicken in the crockpot (double the recipe), Homemade chips

Wednesday – Lunch: BBQ Chicken quesadillas
Dinner: Perfect Roast Chicken, Brown rice, Corn on the cob

Thursday – Lunch: Chicken salad & crackers, fruit
Dinner: Sloppy Joes, Potato Pea Cakes

Friday – Lunch: Leftover sloppy joes
Dinner: BBQ Chicken Pizza (we use a variation of this recipe – but be creative!)

Saturday – Lunch: Clean out the fridge
Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie

Grocery List:
lunch meat
sandwich cheese
baby carrots
sour cream or plain greek yogurt
chicken breast – 2 pounds
hamburger buns (if you want chicken sandwiches)
cream cheese
cilantro (you may have some leftover from last week – if so, use it!)
scallions (I leave these out)
Cheddar cheese
bbq sauce
whole chicken
corn on the cob
ground beef – 2 pounds
potatoes (if you don’t have any from last week)
pizza dough
mozzarella cheese or monterray jack cheese
frozen peas
bell pepper
phyllo dough

Crystal Rowe

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