The September Challenge

The weekly meal planning event by kaylacasey
Last night, a friend shared her family is taking the “September Challenge” – one month without eating out – at all. We then got to talking about meal planning and how crucial it is for eating well and not spending a ton of money at the grocery store each week. I create a meal plan every single week. Even when we were getting daily meals brought to us, I still created a meal plan so that I knew exactly what I needed to buy when I went to the grocery store (or used Instacart, which happened several times!)

So I’m jumping on the September Challenge bandwagon – no eating out for a month! And to help encourage you to think about doing the same, I’m going to share my weekly meal plan with you – including links to recipes and a grocery list!

A couple of notes about our meal plans:

  • All meal plans will go from Monday-Saturday, so you end up with one free day (for leftovers or your own creative juices). We use that free day to clean out our fridge.
  • Most of my recipes are not original to me – I’ll always post links and credit for the people who come up with them. Make sure you read the recipe closely – some of them make enough for two meals. For those, you can either make it as written and freeze half or just half the recipe. I’ve done both before. The grocery lists will half the recipe.
  • There are several “pantry essentials” that these meal plans assume you have, such as spices, oils, flours, and sweeteners. Pay close attention to the recipes – if you don’t have those essentials in your pantry, you’ll want to make sure to buy them.
  • We get most of our vegetables at the farmer’s market or through a CSA – so most of the time veggies won’t be included in the grocery list. I buy what I think looks good, and I try to challenge myself to try at least one new veggie a week. Then, when I put together our meal plan, I work in the vegetables that I have on hand.
  • I’m working on creating a “printable” version – but for now, you’ll just have to print the blog post.
  • Meal plans will post on Saturday mornings. I know it’s already Tuesday of this week, but I’ve posted a meal plan anyway. You can use it as inspiration for this week or save it for next.

Ready? Let’s kick eating out to the curb!

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