Monday #weekinthelife

Our days start early around here, and Monday was no different. A woke me up around 5:30, bringing me a homemade present for Mother’s Day. She’s really big into gift giving … and special occasions last for weeks around here. When I could barely open my eyes, she went into the living room and found something else to do. This is a huge win for us lately – we leave a few projects out at night and when she wakes up the next morning, she has something to keep her busy. It’s pretty much amazing.

When I did finally wake up around 6:30, I ended up with a total breakfast fail – I put everything in my cup for a breakfast smoothie and then discovered my blender stick was packed. I made a super quick shake instead and we ushered everyone out the door so we could get D to the train station on time. Upon returning home, I discovered our huge peace lily that we bought to help clean the air in our terrible first rental here had a flower bud on it!
Peace Lily

The morning continued on with constant demands from the tinies. Usually D makes coffee, but he was off his game today, so I put the coffee on and then turned on the TV. We don’t watch a lot of TV around here, but when I need a few moments to myself, I’m known to turn it on for a show or two. Today it was Sid the Science Guy and Daniel Tiger. Always Daniel Tiger.

I drank my coffee in peace, and then I got busy on the tasks before me … a lot of cleaning, a bit of packing, snack-making, finishing up some freezer meals from the weekend, holding the tiniest – who is exceptionally cranky today, wiping noses, repeat.

In the meantime, E made herself busy with the plastic lunch containers in one of the cabinets. Before I knew it, she was running up to me saying “Poop! Poop!” I went over to where she was and discovered poop on the kitchen floor. Squishy gross poop. Of course she had also stepped in it, so I proceeded to clean it up off the floor and her foot and her bottom. This week is all about documenting life – and today would not have been today without the poop. I’ll spare you the picture – although I did totally take one for my #weekinthelife album. She began begging for mommy milk, so I briefly nursed her (I’m trying to encourage her to wean), and then decided we’d take selfies. They always help my mood shift from terribly irritated to happy. It must be something about these smiles.

Deciding I had had enough at-home adventures for the day, I decided we would spend the rest of the day outside. We haven’t seen the sunshine in over a week, and it was glorious today. So I packed a picnic, clothes for our church picture later in the day, and cleaned up a bit while A found the Jewel Christmas cd, put it in the DVD player, and began ballet dancing all around the living room floor. She truly is a bundle of joy.


When I asked where they wanted to go, A quickly yelled “the BIG cemetery mama!” So we headed to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge – which has quickly become one of our very favorite places in the greater Boston area. It was the perfect place to be today. Everything is completely amazing – beautiful – peaceful – wonderful. I am pretty sure we’re going to spend a lot of time here this summer.

Mt. Auburn first glimpse




A large portion of our time there was spent with Autumn taking pictures. It has become one of her new hobbies … I think we may need to invest in a camera of some sort for her to play with. She really has quite the eye.

We ended our day out at church, where we ended up waiting an hour to take a 5 minute picture for the upcoming photo directory. Although we tried to be patient, we were frustrated with all the many things waiting for us at home. Once we finally got out, we decided to pick up pizza on the way home, so we could focus on doing a bit of packing instead of preparing and cleaning up dinner.
Dinner Aftermath

Once we finished up, the girls colored. D helped A do her very first color-by-number, and then the day ended as it normally does – bath, stories, rocking, sleep. As soon as they were both asleep I jumped in the shower … it sure is nice to be clean!

What started as a full, stressful, irritating day actually ended up to be a very fulfilling one. The weather is supposed to be amazing this week, so I’ve decided we will pack as much as we can before the movers come, and whatever doesn’t get packed we can pick up later. It’s more important for everyone’s sanity that we spend as much time as possible outside. The boxes can wait until the sun goes down.

Monday. It was a good day.

Crystal Rowe

wife to D, mama to A & E, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, follower of Christ, writer, book lover, beloved child of God

  • kproffitt

    Looks like a beautiful day! Gotta love poop adventures! 😉 Great photos + stories!!! XO!