Living with Expectation

Day Three in the Double Dog Dare … wasn’t as easy as the first two days. It probably didn’t help that I started it right in the midst of the most hectic week ever. I read Luke 24 … and here’s what stuck out to me:

The stone was rolled away

There were two men in “dazzling” clothes
I mean if that’s not full of wonder … what is?

“He is not here, but has risen.”

Jesus went with them.
What? I thought he just died. Now he’s walking with the disciples?

He took bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them
I’m awed by this every time we have Communion. Every single Sunday.

“Look at my hands and my feet. Touch me and see.”
He ate! Jesus wasn’t a ghost … it was really him!

It was Christmas. How could I possibly think about Jesus’ death and resurrection? Besides … this was some pretty wonder-full stuff. I don’t know how in the heck God could make himself known in my life more than Jesus did to those disciples.

So, I’ve been sitting on it a while. Praying on it, if you will. Waiting for the right response. I prayed …

In the midst of chores … bills … stress … celebrations … God, reveal yourself so clearly I cannot deny it. Surprise me. I am ready for it!

And then I just sorta waited. And stayed ready for the surprise.

But it didn’t come right away. I couldn’t write my response right away. And that frustrated me. And I have to admit – I almost gave up. I thought to myself, Margaret … maybe God doesn’t always surprise us, you know? Maybe we have to be okay with that.

But I wanted to play the game of dare right. So I just kept expecting the surprise.

Do you know how hard it is to expect a surprise and not know when it’s coming? Or how? That’s the worst kind of surprise … knowing that there is one … but not knowing anything about it. It’s like Christmas presents. You know you’re getting them … they are wrapped and right in front of your nose … but you can’t open them yet.

Fast forward to early this week. I’ve got all sorts of visual displays to do before Sunday. I sit down to work on them and my mind is blank. I’ve tried to work on them before now, but every time I try to brainstorm, I come up empty. I have a vague idea of what I’d like, but I can’t find anything anywhere.

So I start searching. I need artwork that displays the Parable of the Prodigal Son. And not the typical father reaching out to wayward son images. More obscure images. Images that consider the parable for all that it is … a story of two sons. A story of grace for all of us – the wayward as well as the responsible.

I finally discovered a few things I thought would work. So I purchased a few images and almost called it a day. Until I found a different link to the same webpage. And I discovered an entire book. Available for download. For ministry use. So I sent an email requesting an exchange.

24 hours later, I not only received the entire book and downloadable images to use for my visual displays, I also discovered the book contains art that is available to travel. For no cost other than shipping. And oh yeah – it’s available for some of the time we would like to have it. My thoughts went something like this:

Are you kidding me God? We could have more than just pictures of the art … we could actually have the art. On display. During our Lenten journey.

But wait – there’s more. Not only can we use the traveling display … the curator of the project will just happen to be in Atlanta the week it would arrive. And is willing to give a presentation.

What an answer to so many prayers. God – you really know how to do surprises.

I am wonderstruck.

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Crystal Rowe

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