Life After Baby

On Having a Baby by Crystal RoweIf I’ve learned anything over the last 22 months of being a mother, it’s that parenting is hard work.

Some days are near perfect. Everyone behaves themselves, your house is semi-clean, and maybe you even manage to help the kids with an art project. These are the days when you feel like a rockstar parent. Hit me with another one, you think. I’ve got this.

Some days are just plain awful. The days when you wonder if you’ll do anything right. The days when your lack of sleep begins to take its toll on you. Days when your newborn or toddler refuses to nap. Days when you count down the minutes until someone comes to rescue you from your misery.

Most days fall somewhere in between.

As the days go by, you start to wonder if you’re doing things “the right way.” Sometimes parenting is so lonely – and you begin to wonder if there’s anyone out there going through the same thing you’re going through. The sleepless nights, the feeding marathons, the sleep regressions, the teething horrors, and oh so much more.

In my new e-book, I share my own journey through pregnancy and the first year of our sweet girl’s life. The good times, the bad times, and the in-between times. And for the next three days, you can get it FREE!

I hope you’ll grab a copy and spread the word. Not because I want to sell books, but because I want every mama (and papa too) out there to know she (or he) is not alone in this great big parenting journey.

Go ahead, grab your copy today!

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Crystal Rowe

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