Days Away [Music Monday]

We moved the bassinet into our bedroom last night. We said it was to get the cats used to the idea – and to train them to stay out of it. But as I settled into bed and turned to look at it, reality hit me.

In just a few short weeks, our life will change. We are going to be parents. I’m going to be a mom. I turned to D, pointed to the bassinet and said “That freaks me out. There’s gonna be a baby in it soon.”

So perhaps moving the bassinet wasn’t so much for the cats as it was for ourselves.

As I woke up this morning and saw the empty bassinet, I realized that soon, my time will no longer be my own. I promised that I would use these next weeks to be gracious to myself. To allow myself time to read nonsense. Watch silly movies. Sleep. As much as I want. Go for walks with my dear sweet husband. Write – if I feel like it.

And then, almost as if God was confirming that promise to myself, I opened up a friend’s blog. A few days ago she posted a video where moms were asked if they could go back to just before they had their first child, what would they tell themselves?

I love the tenderness in the answers. The honesty. The clarity. But most of all, I love the permission. Permission to just be for the next few days. To stop worrying about the future, stop stressing about how we will make it all work, and to just enjoy every moment. To be lazy. To put my feet up. To rest.

Because we are days away from change … and once the change comes … life will never be the same.

The song in the video is called Days Away by InAshton. It’s definitely one I’ll be listening to on repeat over the next few weeks…

Crystal Rowe

wife to D, mama to A & E, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, follower of Christ, writer, book lover, beloved child of God

  • I’m so happy that you’re being good to yourself as you approach the brink of parenthood, Crystal.

    I began to type “good for yourself” (it’s early on the left coast) and come to think of it, that works, too.

  • Kimberly Friese

    When my sister in law had my niece, and she was stressed, my brother told her this bit of wisdom, “There are only 3 things she needs: me, you, and dipers. The rest we can do without.”