Could You Be Food Creative?

D & I are now the proud sponsors of not just one Compassion child, but TWO. That’s right. We fell so in love with Jose at first sight that we decided to Sponsor Amiru too. Amiru is 3 and is from Ethiopia, and we are already completely in love with him as well.

Being new Compassion “parents” has opened our eyes to all sorts of things we never thought about before. There was one family of a child that lives off of $10/month. We spend $10 on one lunch – sometimes on one drink – and they live off of that money for A WHOLE MONTH! This has also brought on a whole new meaning of “living simply.” Now, when we talk about what we “need” we think about the families of our children and most times realize that we don’t really “need” it after all.

Yesterday, I saw this video on the Compassion blog. I don’t think this is a real show, but it definitely would be worth watching if it was. What do you think – could you be food creative and live off of less than $1.25/day?

Crystal Rowe

wife to D, mama to A & E, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, follower of Christ, writer, book lover, beloved child of God

  • We are humbled by our opportunity to sponsor children through Compassion. When we began talking about how many years we signed up to sponsor them for, we began to realize that this was a great commitment – and one that we felt honored to be a part of. Thanks for stopping by and for sponsoring a child – you certainly made a difference in his life over the last 8 years!

  • Thanks for the Post. Compassion is great. We have sponsored a child for the past 8 years…he is starting to no longer be a child. God Bless