Bread & Wine [Music Monday]

Growing up, communion didn’t really mean much to me. I could repeat back the lines of the ritual, learned how long my skirts had to be to kneel without feeling awkward, and walk back to my pew without too much guidance from the ushers. We had communion once a month, and that was fine. In graduate school (I’m a slow learner!), I finally understood the meaning of “this is the body of Christ, broken for you.” I realized how much more full and at peace I felt after receiving this gift, and how much I looked forward to communion Sundays.

So this Sunday, when I was asked to bake communion bread for a special service, I was excited. The recipe seemed simple enough, and I usually bake my own bread for the week, so I’m comfortable baking. What surprised me, however, is how anxious and perfectionist I became as soon as I started. I wanted my rounds to be ROUND for service, the crosses to be marked exactly in the center and measured to the millimeter for depth. As I’m working myself into a frenzy and wondering how I can possibly offer this imperfection to my church community, Josh Garrel’s song “Bread and Wine” came onto my music mix.

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The words “weave your heart into mine” reminded me why I wanted to bake in the first place and why I treasure communion. Through what other act can we so clearly taste and see the presence of our God? What a gift and a blessing we have in communion!

And suddenly, I realized that it really was ok. All I can offer is far from perfect, and through Him, that is enough. Through Him, my imperfect circles and scraggly knife-cut crosses will become spiritual nourishment for others. My daily work, when done for His honor, can become something far greater than me. This IS good news, offered freely to all of us.

Thanks be to God.

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  • We have been using wafers for communion at my church.  I started this month using “real” bread.  I have been baking it.  It has been a very spiritual thing for me.  As I kneed the dough I am praying for the people in the congregation.  I have been praying for their needs as well as that the bread I am baking them nourishing them on their spiritual journey.  

    • I love that image Joe – of you praying as you make the bread. For me, communion feels so much more important when we use “real” bread rather than wafers. It’s something about the work that goes into making the bread … the ingredients … knowing it’s “whole” food. Makes me feel closer to Christ.