Before and After [Music Monday]

For whatever reason, it seems these last few weeks have been full of life-changing transitions for many of my friends. Several are getting married, others having children. Some are mourning deaths or job losses. At least for now, my role has been to support, to listen, to guide, and to walk with my loved ones.

Carrie Newcomer is a singer I turn to for all places of life. Her rich voice encourages me to relax and breathe in God, and the thoughtful lyrics give me something to ponder. Her music speaks the life-giving words of the Gospel, yet she rarely uses overtly Christian language.

Before and After is a song that speaks to transitions and to framing our life into “before” and “after.” She hints at tragedies, but also at Jacob wrestling with an angel. In all transitions, in all moments of befores and afters, we know that we are not alone.

What are some of the key before and after moments in your life? Where or how have you sensed God at work among them?