Stomp! [music monday]

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not much for keeping traditions for the sake of tradition. I want traditions to mean something. I want there to be a reason behind the things we do. So you might imagine when our first wedding anniversary rolled around I didn’t care much about the “traditional” anniversary gifts. And then I started looking into the history behind the tradition and I have to admit I was hooked.

Now don’t get too excited – there aren’t any real reasons behind the traditional gifts, but I love the idea of being creative within a tradition. This list of traditional gifts leaves tons of room for creativity!

So how does all of that connect with today’s Music Monday? Well, we have paper tickets to see Stomp at the Fox Theatre next week! Not only is this a creative use of the traditional gift of paper, but it also is something that both D and I have wanted to see for many many years. Our shared love of music made this the perfect first anniversary gift.

From us to you, enjoy a small glimpse of the wonder of Stomp:


One Year Later

One year ago today, I married my love. I never imagined life could be so good. So simple. Even the tough stuff seems easier than it should be. With every day that passes, I fall more and more in love with the man that he is and the man that he is becoming.

On this day, I’m thankful for the incredible grace that God has shown me through my marriage. I’m thankful for all the people in our life who have supported us to the end. And I’m thankful for the love that continues to grow with each passing moment.

Happy 1st Anniversary Mr. Rowe – here’s to many more to come!