O Me of Little Faith, Jason Boyett

Many of you will remember when Soul Munchies first featured Jason Boyett. I was one of the lucky ones who scored a pre-release copy of his newest book, O Me of Little Faith. The official release date is May 1, but it’s already shipping from Amazon and Barnes & Noble (and it looks like Zondervan too!)

There are so many great things about this book – I really can’t encourage you hard enough to read it. Here’re my top 5 reasons why you should order it TODAY:

1) It’s honest. Brutally honest. It’s essentially a book filled with his confessions – how much he doubts and how imperfect he is. We could all learn a lesson or two from his act of honesty.

2) More likely than not, you have struggled at some point in time with the same questions he struggles with. It’s the perfect book to help you feel like you’re not alone in your doubting. If you haven’t, you’re not being honest with yourself – so you should go back to reason number 1 to read it.

3) This is a story of someone who grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition and learned along the way the value of learning from other denominations. No one denomination is 100% right. Jason pulls from rich liturgical traditions to help him when the simple answer of “Jesus saves” isn’t enough to hold him up. At the same time, he embraces the power that exists behind charismatic traditions. I love the way he pulls things from various denominational traditions to help him discover what he believes. If you think you are 100% right in all you do and your denomination or traditions are better than others, revert back to number 1 for why you should read this book.

4) If you’re in full-time paid ministry, there are many people that you encounter that struggle with the same kinds of questions Jason struggles with. Whether you can identify with what he’s saying or not, you should know how to relate to people who are where he is. And if you think you can’t identify with what he’s saying, then I point you back to number 1 for why you should read it.

5) He’s incredibly intelligent. Jason will probably tell you that he’s not that smart – but I would disagree. This book is a brilliant portrayal of how intellectual giants wrestle with doubt and yet still have faith. His most brilliant point: faith & doubt are not mutually exclusive. In fact, faith & doubt work hand in hand with one another. If we don’t doubt, then there’s no need for faith. When we intellectually can’t understand something, that’s when faith steps in. If you think you understand everything – well, then – I guess you’re just stuck with reason number 1 to read this book.

Convinced? I am so convinced that this book should be read by everyone, that I’m personally buying 2 more copies and giving them away to Soul Munchies readers. We’ll reveal how you can enter tomorrow!

Crystal Rowe

wife to D, mama to A & E, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, follower of Christ, writer, book lover, beloved child of God

  • You are welcome – it's nothing but truth. And thanks for proving my point 🙂

  • You are welcome – it's nothing but truth. And thanks for proving my point 🙂

  • Thank you, for such a thoughtful and kind review. Also: I'm not that smart. 🙂